My Mission:

To assist people in ​overcoming their struggles​, both internal and external, to help develop ​healthy habits ​and to work with them in building ​a life that they are proud of and excited by.

My clients will develop a balance between ​emotional ​and ​mental stability​, and ​confident and courageous flexibility​. To push on when things get tough, and respond to life’s opportunities when they arise.

I work with ​you ​to build a future that ​you want​, a future ​you believe in​ and cannot wait to experience.

My Method:

Life is busy and time is often in short supply, so I work with my clients to build a coaching experience that suits them. Whether we meet in person, or as needed on Skype/Zoom, or on the phone, I will help you peel back the layers of complication and external pressure in your life and get some breathing space.​

​This is accomplished by beginning with the basics​ – Who are you? What makes you tick? What do you value in life? 

​Then moving onto vision building​ – How would you like your life to be? What experience do you want from your life? 

​Finally, making that vision a reality ​- What is stopping you from achieving your vision? How can you reach your potential in a healthy and sustainable way? 

“Without bravery, their lives would remain small – far smaller than they probably ​wanted their lives to be”

 – Elizabeth Gilbert, “Big Magic”


I have a pretty active imagination. I love big visions, creativity, bold people and bolder ideas. For me, the most important things in life are being able to meet and connect with people, and to lead an interesting and adventurous life.

My journey properly started as I was failing Uni for the 2nd time, was barely working enough to survive and really had no clue about what I was going to do with myself, or how to start even if I did. This led to feeling very guilty, and pretty intense depression.​

Check out this Letter for an insight into what that looked like!

Over the course of a few years I went from total uncertainty about my life’s direction, to building a business that I would happily get up at 6:00 for!​

Yup. 6:00 AM – Big change!

I now work in a role that I am so passionate about. I have a career to explore and a plan for my life. I love the people I’m surrounded by, and they constantly challenge and inspire me.

Life’s still tough at times, but the tough times are just as welcome as the good times. I no longer fear them – I appreciate them.
And you can too!