My Mission:

To work with Creatives in ​overcoming their struggles​ and celebrating their wins, to develop ​healthy habits that support and fuel creativity, ​and to assist them in building ​a creative practice that they are proud of and excited by.

By addressing key issues, my clients can develop a balance between nurturing a ​creative stability​, and building a confidence to push beyond their limitations – internal and external. To push on when things get tough, and respond to opportunities when they arise.

I work with ​you ​to build a creative practice that ​you want​, a creative future ​you believe in​ and one that you cannot wait to experience.

My Method:

Life is busy and time is often in short supply, so I work with my clients to build a coaching experience that suits them. Whether we meet in person, via Skype/Zoom, or on the phone, I will help you to quieten down the noise and refocus on what matters most to you as a creative.

​This is accomplished by beginning with the basics​ – What does your Creative look like? When does it spark into life? 

​Then moving onto vision building​ – What type of creative practice do you want? What is the ideal experience for you? 

​Finally, making that vision a reality ​- What is stopping you from achieving your vision? How can you reach your creative  potential in a healthy and sustainable way? 

“Without bravery, their lives would remain small – far smaller than they probably ​wanted their lives to be”

 – Elizabeth Gilbert, “Big Magic”


I have a pretty active imagination. I love big visions, creativity, bold people and bolder ideas. For me, the most important things in life are being able to meet and connect with people, and to lead an interesting and adventurous life.

I grew up in a big creative family where there was always music being made, paintings were being started and forgotten, performances cooked up on the fly, and countless home-made videos of imaginary adventures.

Creativity is a powerful force for change, growth, healing and exploration. I love being involved wherever I can!

I have had my struggles! For a long time I had little direction, lots of negative self talk and suffered through depression.
With amazing support and coaching of my own I went from total uncertainty about my life’s direction to dedicating myself to helping people in shifting from surviving to thriving.

I now work in a role that I am so passionate about. I have a career to explore and a plan for my life. I love the people I’m surrounded by, and they constantly challenge and inspire me.

Life’s still tough at times, but the tough times are just as welcome as the good times. I no longer fear them – I learn from them.