Expansion Series – 4 Months

The Details:​

​How it’ll work: ​Meet for a 1 hour session – once a week – for 4 months (17 weeks)

​The Extras:​ Access to email correspondence + Access to phone calls​

The  Payment: ​Direct Debit – Upfront payment or Payment Plan.
​Contact me for discussion of price and discounts that apply.*

 – For when you commit to the best semester yet – 

The Expansion Series is extensive and refined, working along side you throughout the whole semester.
Focusing on the long term, it supports you through every step of your studies, from Orientation to Exams.

When you choose the All In Series, this is what you can expect to gain from it:

​You’ll engage with consistent and structured coaching that gives you the tools to build a semester of success! ​The All In Series is:

  • ​In depth to provide effective support and assistance during entire Semester​
  • Tailored to work with your deadlines, due dates and unique study situation
  • Built to provide foundation of coaching and growth mindset

​This is what we will work through, during the Expansion Series:

  • Vision building – Exploring and defining what you would like to achieve at the end of 4 months​
  • Values Alignment – Deciding what kind of student experience you want, and how that matches up with what matters to you most​
  • Positive Growth Mindset – Knowing what makes you strong, using that to set goals and understanding how to remove blocks.​
  • Reevaluation and Support – Regularly taking stock to ensure alignment to your values, and working through stubborn habits

​​This is what you will have when you finish the Expansion Series:

  • ​Capabilities to manage your studies, your mindset and your choices
  • Strong connection to why you are studying, the direction you want and what is coming up next in life
  • ​More control, healthier choices and greater stability as you pursue your studies​​
  • Clear vision to see the big picture beyond the struggles of now, to the possibilities that lie ahead

*​​Higher Education or Vet Sector enrolled students eligible for a 20% discount.​​