Lift Off Series – 6 weeks

​The Details:

How it’ll work​Meet for a 1 hour session – once a week – for 6 weeks

​​The Extras​Access to email correspondence 

​​The Payment​Direct Debit – Upfront payment or Payment Plan. 
​Contact me for discussion of price and discounts that apply.*

– For when you want to boost your creative momentum -​

The Lift Off Series is a compact and powerful coaching program that is built to fit with your current reality. Focusing on immediate challenges, it provides the support and assistance you need to excel in the short term. 

When you choose the Lift Off Series, this is what you can expect to gain from it:

You’ll engage with that extra kick of motivation, perspective and accountability! The Lift Off Series is:

  • Flexible for the dynamic nature of your lifestyle
  • Tailored to work with your goals, deadlines and unique creative direction
  • Focused on the immediate tasks and opportunities that impact on your practice or study​ 

​This is what we will work through, during the Lift Off Series:​

  • ​Identifying your Values and Strengths – Figuring out Who You Are & What is Your Creative Success Story
  • Goals and Due Dates – Matching your values and strengths with how to best tackle the tasks ahead of you
  • ​Road Blocks – Understanding what is stopping your momentum, and how to remove it
  • ​Reflect and Upgrade – Looking back, seeing how far you have come ​and deciding what comes next

What you will have when you finish the Lift Off Series​:​

  • ​Clarity on who you are and what empowers you towards success
  • A clear vision on your opportunities as a creative and how they can best serve you​
  • Techniques and tactics on how to overcome your daily challenges  –  Yes, we will be talking about procrastination!​
  • A broader perspective on the un-resourceful habits in your life, and how you can replace them with practices that help you get what you are after​​​

​​* Higher Education or Vet Sector enrolled students eligible for a 20% discount.

 – Your life as a Creative can be exciting, rewarding and under control –  

Contact me here to organise an initial meeting, and we can talk about how to get you the life you want.