Retainer Series – 12 Months

The Details:​

​How  it’ll  work: ​Meet for a 1 hour session – once a week – for 12 months

​The Extras:​ Access to email correspondence + Access to phone calls

The  Payment: ​Direct Debit – Upfront payment or Payment Plan. 
​Contact me for discussion of price and discounts that apply.*

You’re committed to long term growth, and you want regular and direct access to the coaching environment.

This option is about setting in stone the decision to change your life! 

How it’ll work: 

  • ​Meet weekly for 1 x hour sessions – supercharge your change.
  • Face to Face, Skype/Zoom, Phone call.

​​What extras you’ll get:

  • ​Access to my email address – If you have those questions or insights you’d like to discuss, I’m here to talk – 24-48 hours response time.
  • Phone calls between sessions – For when things get intense and you would like to debrief.
  • Access to texted conversations – When you’re in a rush during the day, or trying to clear your head at night, I’m ready to help.
  • Any extra unscheduled Sessions at a discounted price of $100

​​How you pay:

  • ​Direct Debit
  • Upfront payment of total amount – get it done, and you don’t have to think about it again
  • Payment plan – we can work this out during an initial consultation to find out what works for you

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash